MIA: Soviet History: Great Terror

Great Terror (1936-39)

Statistics based on archival sources, but nonetheless approximate numbers:(1)
Executed (1930-53): 786,098
Imprisoned: 3.5 Million
Death in prison and exile: 2 million

Primary and Contemporaneous Sources

The Case of the Trotskyite-Zinovievite Terrorist Centre (1936) Moscow Trials
The Red Book: On the Moscow Trial (1936) Analysis of the first Moscow trial by Leon Sedov
The Case of Leon Trotsky (1937) Testimony of Leon Trotsky answering the Charges from the Moscow Trials
A Study of the Radek-Piatakov Trial (1937). Gives a critical perpsective on the Moscow Trials
Execution of the Central Committee
The Case of Bukharin (1938)
Behind the Moscow Trial (1936) by Max Shachtman

MIA Archives and Sources that are Related to the Terror and Purge Trials

Stalin Archive
Trotsky Archive
Critiques of Stalinism

(1) The Road to Terror, Getty and Naumov, Yale University Press, 1999. Pages 587-594.