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ETOL Writers: Jack Weber (Louis Jacobs)

Jack Weber
(Louis Jacobs)

Internet Archive

Biography (not yet available)


June 1932: Not Alone Comrade! (film review)

September 1932: Japan – Its Rise from Feudalism to Capitalist Imperialism and the Development of the Proletariat (series)

July 1934: New Trends Under the New Deal

August 1934: America and the War in the Pacific

September 1934: Roosevelt and the State

January 1935: The End of the Naval Truce

March 1935: Problems of the Pacific (book review)

April 1936: In Justification of Stalinism (book review)

April 1938: The Jewish Question

July 1940: Japan and America in the Pacific

August 1940 Burnham’s Letter of Resignation

November 1940: War Strips the Lovestonites

May 1941: The Permanent Revolution

June 1941: The Balkans

February 1942: Twilight in the British Empire (written as A. Roland)

July 1942: Stalin Bolsters His “New” Tradition (written as A. Roland)

April 1943: The Kremlin Bureaucracy and the War (written as A. Roland)

November 1944: Political Economy Under Stalin (written as A. Roland)

October 1947: James Burnham, A Modern Cato

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