Letters of Marx and Engels 1848

Engels To Marx
In Cologne

Source: MECW Volume 38, p. 183;
Written: 28 December 1848;
First published: in Der Briefwechsel zwischen F. Engels und K. Marx, 1913.

Berne, 28 December 1848

Dear Marx,

How are things? Now that Gottschalk and Anneke have been acquitted,[244] shan’t I be able to come back soon? The Prussian curs must surely soon tire of meddling with juries. As I have said, if there are sufficient grounds for believing that I shall not be detained for questioning, I shall come at once. After that they may, so far as I'm concerned, place me before 10,000 juries, but when you're arrested for questioning you're not allowed to smoke, and I won’t let myself in for that.

In any case the whole September affair[245] is crumbling away to nothing. One after another they're going back. So write.

Apropos, some money would come in very handy towards the middle of January. By then you should receive plenty.