Letters of Marx and Engels 1848

Marx and Engels
To Étienne Cabet
In Paris

Source: MECW Volume 38, p. 169;
Written: 5 April 1848;
First published: in English in the journal Science and Society, 1940.

Paris, 5 April 1848

Dear Citizen,

During the last two days of our stay in Paris we presented ourselves at your house several times. But we always found your offices [of Le Populaire] so crowded with people that our all too limited time prevented us from taking our turn and waiting. We therefore regret that we have to leave without having had one last interview with you.

Mr Ewerbeck, who will be delivering this, will take it upon himself to inform us of the address we should use when writing to you.[215]

We do not doubt for one instant that we shall shortly be able to give you favourable news of the progress of the communist movement in Germany.

Meanwhile, please accept our respectful greetings.

Y ours very sincerely
K. Marx, F. Engels